Project Sakinah's Raleigh Team

Project Sakinah Raleigh Team is comprised of a diverse group of people in Raleigh who have joined together through different means and channels. Our team is committed to frow strong families, stop family violence and protect our children and youth from drugs, gangs, sex-trafficking, etc.  Our members keep the project alive, online and on the ground, through their participation, contributions, communications and prayers.

Please join us now and help us grow tranquil homes. 


Marriage - Half Our Deen

Join Project Sakinah Raleigh for a conference about marriage featuring renowned speaker Yasmin Mogahed. 

Where: The McKimmon Center

When: Sunday, Oct. 26th at 3:00 - 6:00p.m.

Pre-Registration by Saturday, Oct. 25th: $25 


REGISTRATION AT THE DOOR: $35 (cash or check only)

For further details: CLICK HERE

Facebook Event: CLICK HERE

**There will also be a LIVE STREAM of the event in collaboration with DeenTV** - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Muslim Youth Mentoring Program

Drugs, Trafficking, Bullying, Suicides, Pornography, Internet Safety, and Sexting are just a few but severe threats that our youth as young as 10 year old are exposed to within our neighborhoods, schools, and homes too.

In response, alhumdulillah, Project Sakinah - Raleigh hosted a well-recieved program about youth mentoring with nationally renowned youth speaker and executive director of The Institute of Youth Development & Excellence, Riyad Shamma.

The team focused on empowering our parents, teachers and youth with the skills and resources that are needed to address these social ills. 

Future Workshops
We will be organizing various workshops very soon. Some of the topics of the workshops include: Youth Affairs, Foster Parenting Awareness, Elderly Abuse, Marriage in Islam, Family Values, Human Trafficking Awareness. All of the dates, times, and locations for these events are soon to be announced. 

National Resources

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